Name Title Phone Email
Duane Simons Commissioner (406) 241-5154
Dawn Terrill Chair (406) 303-0306

(406) 822-3537
Roman Zylawy Commissioner (406) 493-7755

The governing body for Mineral County is the three-member Board of Commissioners. Each commissioner serves a six-year term.

Beginning August 2023, the Commissioners determined the positions of Human Resources, Commissioners’ Assistant, and Safety Coordinator would be absorbed into the duties of the Commissioners in an effort to decrease administrative cost to the taxpayer and increase efficiencies.

  • Commissioner Simons is the acting Mineral County Safety Coordinator.
  • Commissioner Terrill is the acting Human Resources Assistant with employee grievances being handled by the County Attorney’s Office.
  • Commissioner Zylawy is the acting Commissioners’ Assistant.

Please see the Meetings & Events section for the commissioners’ meeting dates. The meeting agenda is managed by the county commissioners’ administrative assistant.

The County Commissioners are elected at large and elected by districts in which the candidates must reside and which are apportioned by population.

All legislative, executive, and administrative powers and duties of the local government not specifically reserved by law or ordinance to other elected officers shall reside in the commission (Montana Annotated Code Title 7-3-218).