Name Title Phone E-mail
Merry Mueller Treasurer (406) 822-3529
Claudia Boyer Deputy Treasurer (406) 822-3533
Eva Mae Heintz Tax & Title Clerk (406) 822-3534
Peggy McCarroll Tax & Title Clerk (406) 822-3530

Mineral County Treasurer’s Office handles the money of the county, collects property taxes, and processes motor vehicle transactions.

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Motor Vehicles

Title Transfers

Montana Title Transfers
All sellers must have signed the title in front of a notary in order for the title to be transferred.  If a lien is showing on the title, a lien release is needed.  Driver’s license or government issued ID is required to process a title transfer and registration.

Out of State Title Transfers
If you have the title, it must be signed by all sellers and notarized, if it is required by the issuing state.

Title Transfers for New Montana Residents
The out-of-state title is required in order to title your vehicle in Montana. If the title is being held by a lienholder, it will need to be requested from the lender using the Request for Foreign Title form which can also be obtained in the Treasurer’s Office. Your current out-of-state registration and lienholder information will be needed in order to process this request. If needed, a one-time 40 day TRP can be issued for $20.09.

Driver’s license or government issued ID and proof of physical residence (2) in Mineral County are required to process a title transfer and registration for new residents.

Fees Shown are Estimates Only


  • 0 to 4 Years           $305.00 +
  • 5 to 10 Years           $130.00 to $305.00
  • 11 Years +              $70.00 to $130.00
  • PERM for 11 Years +   Fees will vary


  • 0 to 2 Years           $312.50
  • 3 to 4 Years           $254.25
  • 5 to 7 Years           $162.50
  • 8 Years +              $127.50
  • PERM (11 Years +)  $267.50

BOATS (Permanent Registration)

  • 10’ – <16’               $80.50
  • 16’ – <19’              $140.50
  • 19’ +                    $310.50

TRAILERS (Permanent Registration)

  • Under 6000 lbs        $91.25
  • 6000 lbs +             $178.25

TRAVEL TRAILERS (Permanent Registration)

  • Under 16’                $102.00
  • Over 16’                $182.00

SNOWMOBILE (Permanent Registration)

  • $75.50

MOTORCYCLE/ATV (Permanent Registration)

  • Street Legal Only      $102.25
  • Off Highway Only      $86.25
  • Street Legal/Off Hwy $160.50

Estimated fees do not include the TRP, if one was issued.

For license plate information, please visit

Plate designs can be found at Please note that Specialty/Sponsor Plates and Personalized Plates have additional fees.

OHV/ATV & Snowmobile Recreational Trail Passes

OHV/ATV and Snowmobile Recreational Trail Passes are available for purchase at the Treasurer’s Office.

  • Montana Resident – 2 Year Pass $20.00 (Must have Montana Driver’s License)
  • Out of State Resident – 1 Year Pass $35.00

Temporary Registration Permits

A Temporary Registration Permit (TRP) can be issued on any newly purchased vehicle or on an out-of-state vehicle where the title is being held by the lien holder.  A TRP is valid for 40 days from the date of issuance and only one TRP may be issued per vehicle purchase.

Newly Purchased Vehicles:

  • Montana Resident – $20.09 (charged at time of the title and registration transaction)
  • Out of State Resident – $25.24 (due at time of TRP issuance)

A Title or Bill of Sale with a verifiable VIN and photo ID is required in order for a TRP to be issued.

Out of State Title Transfers:
A 40 day TRP may be issued to a new Montana resident whose title is being held by their lien holder.  There is a $20.09 fee due at the time of TRP issuance.

Registration Purposes Only (RPO)

RPO stands for Registration Purposes Only and is for an out of state carrier who has been in the state longer than 72 hours on a Montana permit or is gainfully employed. Carriers can obtain the RPO through the county that they are currently working in.

Out of state residents who are temporarily working in Montana or are using their vehicle for hire, compensation or profit, must display an RPO decal and pay taxes for using Montana public roadways. Because they are not Montana residents, they cannot title their vehicles in Montana. To qualify for a registration purposes only permit, the out of state resident must provide a current out of state registration. A temporary registration is acceptable, as long as it’s current. MCA 61-3-701

Decals are available quarterly expiring in March, June, September or December or yearly and can only be issued for as long as the out of state registration is valid.

Driver’s Licensing and ID Cards

Driver’s Licenses and ID cards can be issued in Mineral County every Tuesday and Thursday at the Mineral County Courthouse in Superior.

APPOINTMENTS ARE REQUIRED for renewals, out-of-state driver’s license transfers, identification cards, replacements, knowledge exams, and driving tests.  Appointments can be made by calling 1-406-444-1772 or by visiting

For general information and requirements for obtaining or renewing a Montana Driver’s License or ID card, please visit:

Fees are now collected by the examiner on the 1st floor of the Mineral County Courthouse.

Other important links and contacts

Vehicle Services Bureau
302 N Roberts
PO BOX 201431
Helena, MT 59620
Phone: 406-444-3661
Fax: 406-444-0116

Mineral County Tax Information

The Treasurer’s Office provides services to you relating to billing and collection of real estate, personal property and mobile home taxes.

Mineral County collects taxes for many jurisdictions it has no authority over, including the Town of Superior and Town of Alberton, school districts, fire districts, and other service districts. If you have a specific question regarding your tax bill, it’s important for you to call the appropriate jurisdiction for answers to your questions.

Tax Billing and Due Dates

Real Estate Taxes

  • Mailed the last week October of each year
  • 1st half due: November 30th
  • 2nd half due: May 31st

Mobile Home Taxes

  • Mailed the last week of April of each year
  • 1st half due: May 31st
  • 2nd half due: November 30th

Personal Property Taxes

  • Mailed in June of each year
  • Due: July 31st

Mail Payment to:
Mineral County Treasurer
PO Box 100
Superior, Montana 59872

Mail must be post-marked on or before the due dates shown above to avoid penalty and interest fees.

You may visit the Mineral County Tax Search to view property information, billing detail, and payment history as well as pay your tax bill.

Payments can be made in person at the Mineral County Courthouse, by mail, over the phone or online through Certified Payments.  You will need to know the Bureau Code (1188907) and your Tax Payer ID/Parcel ID to complete the transaction online through Certified Payments.  Please note that there is an additional 2.5% fee to pay by card through the website.  You also have the option to pay by e-check through Certified Payments for an additional convenience fee ranging from $2.00-$10.00 depending on the amount of the transaction.

For questions regarding the assessment or appraisal of your property, please contact the Department of Revenue in Thompson Falls.

Department of Revenue
PO BOX 267
Thompson Falls, MT 59873-0267
Phone: 406-382-3069

Other important links and contacts