Detention Officer Job Opportunity: The Mineral County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for a Detention Officer. The Position will be full-time (40hrs/wk) which may include days, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays. VIEW JOB POSTING.

County Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Temple Airport Manager (406) 382-0161


Name Title Phone Email
Ellen Donohue County Attorney
Melanie Batt Paralegal (406) 822-3535


Name Title Phone Email
Kelann McLees Clerk and Recorder (406) 822-3522
Kasey Feasel Deputy Clerk and Recorder (406) 822-3520
Dawn Terrill Clerk (406) 822-3521


Name Title Phone Email
Roman Zylawy Chairman (406) 822-3577
Duane Simons Commissioner (406) 240-0043
Laurie Johnston Commissioner (406) 382-0243
Dawn Terrill Administrative Assistant (406) 822-3577

Conservation District

Name Title Phone Email
Charlee Thompson (406) 822-3452
Jim Lommen Chairman (406) 822-4947
Rick Nemetz (406) 822-5932
Layne Hansen
Joe Hughes (406) 822-4988
Bonnie Fuller
Rob Kraatz

Disaster & Emergency

Name Title Phone Email
Lori Dove Department Head (406) 203-6122

District Court

Name Title Phone Email
Kathleen Brown Clerk of District Court (406) 822-3538
Jaime Talbot Deputy Clerk of District Court (406) 822-3538


Name Title Phone Email
Kelann McLees Election Administrator (406) 822-3521
Kasey Feasel Deputy Clerk and Recorder (406) 822-3520

Environmental Health/Planning

Name Title Phone Email
Andy Short, AICP, CFM, R.S. Planner/Sanitarian (406) 822-3525
Candis Hampton Administrative Assistant (406) 822-3525

Extension Agent and 4-H

Name Title Phone Email
Dave Brink Extension Agent (406) 822-3547
Emily Park Administrative Assistant (406) 822-3545


Name Title Phone Email
Mineral County Fair Board Secretary (406) 822-3302

Health Department

Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer Donovan, RN Director/Public Health Nurse/Parents as Teachers Program Director and Home Visitor/Lactation Consultant
Terri Skinner Administrative Assistant
Barb Jasper, RN Public Health Nurse/Superior School Nurse/Tobacco Prevention Specialist
Amy Lommen PHEP Coordinator
April Quinlan Parents as Teachers Home Visitor/Lactation Consultant/Healthy Community Coalition
Laura Acker Parents as Teachers Home Visitor

Justice Court

Name Title Phone E-mail
Dale Magone Justice of the Peace & Town Judge
Alberton & Superior
(406) 822-3550
Wendie Richards Clerk of Justice Court & City Court-Alberton & Superior (406) 822-3550
Kim Taron Clerk of Justice Court & City Court-Alberton & Superior (406) 822-3550
Dixie Hendershot Clerk of Justice Court & City Court – Alberton & Superior (406) 822-3541


Name Title Phone Email
Guna Chaberek Director (406) 822-3563
Florence Evans Superior Branch Librarian  (406) 822-3563
Connie Acker Alberton Branch Librarian (406) 722-3372
JoAmy Roberts St. Regis School and Community Library Branch Librarian (406) 649-2427 Ext. 215


Name Title Phone Email
Jason McLees Road Foreman (406) 822-3560


Name Title Phone Email
Mary Yarnall Mineral County Superintendent of Schools (406) 822-3529
Claudia Boyer Deputy Superintendent of Schools (406) 822-3533


Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Boone Sheriff & Coroner (406) 822-3555
Roni Phillips Jail Administrator (406) 822-3555
Department FAX (406) 822-3562


Name Title Phone E-mail
Mary Yarnall Treasurer (406) 822-3529
Claudia Boyer Deputy Treasurer (406) 822-3533
Merry Mueller Tax & Title Clerk (406) 822-3530

Weed District

Name Title Phone Email
Dave Brink Department Head (406) 822-3547