County Commissioners

The governing body for Mineral County is the three-member Board of Commissioners. Each commissioner serves a six-year term.

The commissioners meet in the commissioners' conference room in the courthouse on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month, the second Wednesday and all subsequent Wednesdays of the month, and the last working day of the month. The commissioners' meeting agenda is managed by the county clerk and recorder.

The County Commissioners are elected at large and elected by districts in which the candidates must reside and which are apportioned by population.

All legislative, executive, and administrative powers and duties of the local government not specifically reserved by law or ordinance to other elected officers shall reside in the commission (Montana Annotated Code Title 7-3-218).

Contact Information

Mineral County Commissioners, P.O. Box 550, Superior MT 59872

Other important links and contacts

Title Name Phone E-mail
West County
Elected - 2009
Expires - 2015
Duane Simons 406.822.3577
East County
Elected - 2010
Expires - 2016
Roman Zylawy 406.822.3577
Central County
Elected - 2012
Expires - 2018
Laurie Johnston 406.822.3577
Administrative Assistant Cindy Grimm 406.822.3577
Commissioners FAX 406.822.3552  
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